1. The temperature in our air-conditioned buses ranges between 71.6 and 73.4 °Fahrenheit (22 and 23 °C.)
  2. Air conditioning allows relying on purified, odor free air. Higher temperatures do not have this effect.
  3. We recommend you to carry a SWEATER since it is common to feel that the temperature is very cold when your trip originates at sea level. There are areas in the bus where perception of cold is greater.
  4.  You can ask the driver to increase or decrease the air conditioning intensity. Nevertheless, it is not possible to set the temperature higher than 73.4 °F (23 °C) since the heating system will start operating at 75.2 °F (24 °C.)
  5. Heating is set to 75.2 °F (24 °C) when needed (used only during extremely cold days.)