Vallarta Plus makes efforts to provide you an optimum service. We subject our buses to daily inspections and follow a quality standard for maintenance. That is why we dare to guarantee our service.
Vallarta Plus guarantees its service and offers you a discount or a courtesy in the following cases:

  1. When the bus suffers a mechanical breakdown
  2. Bus failure
  3. Delayed luggage
  4. Departure delayed more than 30 minutes (for causes imputable to the company.) Delays due to traffic or the weather are excluded.
  5. If the bus picks passengers anywhere else than bus stations of sales points.
  6. If the bus makes a stop at a toll booth or any other unauthorized place.
  7. If the driver picks passengers without a ticket.
  8. If our personnel is discourteous.
  9. Any general complaint (subject to investigation and weighing.)


  1. File a complaint in writing, by means of email or phone call.
  2. Required data: Name, telephone, ticket number, place of purchase, travel date, travel schedule, origin, destination, complaint data.
  3. The management will weigh the complaint and the results will be informed to the complainant after performing an investigation.
  4. Your name and complaint will remain anonymous. Only the management relies on the authorization to answer the complaint.

Send to:
Or call (33) 36 00 06 06